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Tech Companies and Pot Producers Becoming Fast Friends

Cannabis Licensed Producer
Source: Cannabis Code

Talented cannabis tech sectors and weed growers are searching to grow their profits together. For one to become a perfect grower, he or she must be ready to give their crops or plants full attention. Especially cannabis growers, due to marijuana plants need full attention. It requires always being monitored by high tech sensors. Recreational pot is now legal across Canada for more than one month, but there’s this pressure on weed manufacturers to upgrade and improve their gains and yields that have already started growing. Moreover, a feature that will influence the fate of the manufacturers is the technology. Technology helps in keeping their marijuana plant healthy and ensures the harvest increases. “One person alone can’t control or manage a million square feet on their own the old way that is to search, see, inhale, smell,” this was said by Michael kadonoff, the established, and CEO of the cannabis technology company Braingrid.

“Cannabis is among the excellent examples of the place Canada is taking the world to.” 

Braingrid’s high tech sensors assist cannabis growers in acquiring the feel for the weed plants. Enclosed in plastic with white color and much more like the size of a tablet, they are deliberately situated in the growing amenities. The device then supplies data – moisture, temperature, ph and many other supplicants to the grower. There are more than 13 companies that offer cannabis technologies from the Canada trading on North American serving producers and stock exchanges such as leaf, weedMD, and viridium. This is the same purposed why Michael kadonoff began Braingrid; it aimed to create sensors for the cannabis industries and growers.  Braingrid joined this business in the year 2016.


Many other industries offer different aspects of the company. Calgary-based flurotech tests weed examples for chemical composition, and potency is watching or looking after any contamination or either pesticide. Blockstrain, in Vancouver, has established and built a podium that tracks and registers brilliant property in the company. Another canvas MedTech, Vancouver Company has a plan that is similar to people with special pot goods and strains, depending on the detail the client’s tenders about their health and the effect in which they require. 

And the customer needs the cannabis technologies due to the pots are demanding plant, clarifies Chad Rigby, the cannabis cultivating manager at beleave.  It wouldn’t stop growing, and you as a grower needs to make plans on how to work on it, it schedules 24 hours in a day and 7 seven days in a week. It is required of you to work on this schedule to get an adequate plant and great harvest.

There are 130 licensed weed producers in Canada; every manufacturer struggles to upgrade and improve in quality, reduce in cost and increase in production.


The sense in this is that the cost of weed at is decreasing to the $2 per gram range, altered Brad Poulos, who teaches at Ryerson University in Toronto in a class named business of cannabis. New startups dedicated to psychedelic medicine are going public, intending to list on Canadian stock exchanges.  Psychedelic medicine involves the use of psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms to treat patients with mental health issues. One can buy magic mushrooms online for the patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression etc.

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5 Strategies To Advertise and Promote Your Cannabis Business Online

Cannabis Business Online
Source: Business Leader

Operating a cannabis business online no doubt presents one of the most lucrative opportunities to entrepreneurs around the world. With legalization of medical marijuana in Canada, numerous sites selling cannabis have popped up lately. Customers prefer buying online as it allows them to keep their medical condition private, have access to a wide selection of strains, and get the products delivered discreetly at their doorstep without leaving the house. 

However, just having an online address will not guarantee that customers can find your cannabis business online. To cut through the competition and be found by prospective customers, you need to invest in proper advertisement and promotion. 

In this article, we will tell you how you can use digital marketing to advertise and promote your online dispensary. This form of marketing encompasses a variety tools such as websites and blogs, email marketing, advertising and search engine optimization. Some of the methods are as follows:

  • Advertise Your Business On Industry-Relevant Websites

Make a list of websites that are some way associated with cannabis. You may also create a list of communities and then contact the webmaster or owner of the community seeking advertising opportunities. 

  •  Create Digital Content That Educates and Attracts People

As the cannabis industry grows, more people want to know more about it. There are a lot of questions in customer’s minds and they seek answers for them. You can bank upon this opportunity to create interesting content, videos, info graphs, blog posts and so on. Encourage your readers to share your blog posts or videos. The more they share your content, the bigger audience your business gets exposed to.  More people will be interested in what you offer and recommend your online dispensary to their friends. 

  • Optimize Your Website With SEO Practices 

You may invest in search engine optimization (SEO) practices that are specifically designed to ensure that a website can be indexed easily. Google is a vast sea with many websites competing for attention. To ensure that your online dispensary is not lost in the sea and gets identified by prospective customers, you need to apply search engine optimization practices. This will ensure that your target audience finds your website when searching on Google.

To make this possible, make sure you target keywords for the web pages you want to rank high on Google, in specific areas such as meta description, title tag, and page copy. To further boost your credibility, make sure you link only to reliable and relevant industry sources.

  • Take Advantage Of Native Advertising

You may also take advantage of native advertising that helps you boost the SEO value of your business. This form of advertising basically refers to ads created in content form so that they can seamlessly integrate with the website without being too bold. This form of advertising offers well-presented material that adds value to the readers.   

  • Animated GIF Ads

The GIFs have become the new trend for expressing your thoughts and opinions. They can also be used for promoting and advertising your products and services. The GIFs help in giving a bigger picture to your target audience without the limitations of static images. The animated GIFs attraction viewers’ attention and this can work as an effective tool for drawing people’s attention to your cannabis website.

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London Escort Guide – What Makes London A Sought-After Place For Escorts

When talking about sex and beautiful women, most people will think of Las Vegas or Los Angeles as the best place to find escorts. However, London has maintained its discreet escort agencies for several years now, and you can find gorgeous women from around the world offering sex in this prized capital. If you are new to hiring escorts, this London escorts guide will show you how to have a good time on your next visit.

London is not only the hub for business and entertainment, it also sees an influx of beautiful girls that come here from around the UK and all over the world. This is where things are happening and people are becoming more open to accepting escort services. In London, the highly educated and gorgeous girls get to choose the career of their choice and live life in their own terms away from home.

Some of the best places in London to find the hottest escort girls 24/7 are East London, Kensington, and Mayfair. Whenever you are in the mood to take a lovely lady out with you on a dinner date or take her on a night out, you can find a beautiful escort just minutes away from your location.

However, let’s not forget that not all men are comfortable to approach a lovely lady and ask her out. If you are an introvert and shy person, we recommend that you take a look at the online agencies that can help you book an escort discreetly from your hotel room or wherever you are. Most of the escort agencies operating in London have their presence online and some of them are extremely reputed offering high class girls to the celebrities, politicians, powerful businessmen and others.

If you take a look at websites of escort agencies, you can find a plethora of high-end women from all statures of the society. They have girls from Latin America, India, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe who come to London in the hope of making it big. The city gives them the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in just a day, wear the most expensive clothes, drive in the most luxurious cars and travel around the world with their clients.

The one thing that separates high-end escorts from London hookers is that the former are extremely refined and well groomed. They display an enormous amount of grace and know how to carry themselves at the high society parties. Some of them are highly education and they read Economic Times to be able to hold a conversation with dignity. If you take one of such women with you to business parties, your head will be held high with pride as others get jealous of you.

If you are visiting the city for the first time and all alone for a business meet, a London escort guide is what you need to turn this visit to a memorable one. They know the city like the back of their hand so they can take you to the best places to see, eat, drink and have fun. So, waste no time and take a look at the beautiful London escorts that are available to make you happy.